If you’re looking for an experienced, entertaining and stimulating speaker then why not book me to talk about the personal challenges and triumphs of senior leadership and entrepreneurship.

Steph’s honest and personable talk was incredibly inspiring to listen to. Through sharing her journey, she gave great insights, reasons and examples of how I could better myself and reflect on my own experiences. She left us feeling enthused, motivated and empowered

Drawing on my almost unique range of experience acquired across a diverse range of NHS services, the voluntary and community sector and as a businesswoman, as a speaker I bring a fresh and, at times, challenging perspective on the current issues facing female leaders and entrepreneurs.

Specialist subject areas; however, all my talks can be tailored to your particular speaker and subject needs.

  • Tackling imposter syndrome (overcoming self-doubt)
  • The busy-ness myth – why being busy isn’t a badge of honour
  • Working from your zone of genius – loving what you do and doing what you love

Examples of recent experience as a speaker:

  • North East Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Females conference (2019) – The Curse of the Strong
  • Northumbria University Women’s Network inaugural meeting (2019) – The Imposter Syndrome
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals BAME Network conference (2019) – My personal journey
  • Newcastle Health and Care System Leaders programme (2019) – Diversity in Leadership
  • Breaking Through Your Limits conference (2019) BAME International Women’s Day empowerment conference – panel member ‘Strategies for career, business and life success’
  • Home Group, Women in Senior Leadership programme (2019) – My leadership story – barriers, challenges, tips and opportunities
  • MIBA Durham and Tees (2019) – My journey with Imposter Syndrome
  • NHS Employers Strategic Workforce Forum (2018) – panel member “Diversity and Inclusion”
  • North East Chamber of Commerce Inspiring Females conference (2018) – The Imposter Syndrome
  • Healthwatch Newcastle/Healthwatch Gateshead conference (2017) – Opening session ‘The whole me’

 What people have said about me:

It was refreshing to hear someone speak about their desire to be perfect but realising perfection just isn’t possible if you also want work life balance – that you can do it all but not to the standard you had hoped. I felt inspired and empower to hear a successful woman had faced the same personal challenges I am facing, the same internal battles. She made success seem achievable.


Thank you so much for your honesty. I thought it was only me who felt like this and that I was going mad.

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