#SHINE VIP intensive coaching

Do you feel like your success is a fluke, that you’re not up to the job and that you’re going to be found out?

Are you far too busy to get everything done and working long hours, including during your ‘downtime’?

Do you want to achieve more but don’t know if you can, how you can, or even, what more looks like?

Then coaching is for you!

I have developed #SHINE: How to take back control, get balance in your life and still be a highly effective leader, exactly for women like you. Women who are juggling competing priorities, who feel that they’re not good enough and that everyone is so much more competent than them. 

#SHINE is designed to help you to take back control and step into being a high value leader who is competent and confident, by focusing on the things that really make a difference to create a high quality life.

It is designed to support you to:

  1.  Tackle that self-doubt that has been holding you back
  2.  Get control of your time and focus on the things that are really a priority for you
  3.  Recognise what you want from life and get it

On top of that I make it super easy for you by:

  • Being by your side and holding you accountable for the things you want to achieve
  • Having regular, frequent coaching sessions to build momentum and keep you on track
  • Having your back. I am here for you with no agenda other than to support you.

This is something you need to take you to the next level of success, confidence and fulfilment. I’ve created a 90 minute #SHINE personal discovery call. We’ll get to dive deep and find out what’s really going on for you and along the way I’ll share with you the powerful steps you need to take to take back control and step into being a high value leader in a way that is honest, compassionate and fun.

I only have a few of these complimentary calls available each month so book a #SHINE complimentary personal discovery call, worth £260, today!

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