Equality – International Women’s Day thoughts

I was at an excellent EY Network International Women’s Day event yesterday and was delighted that the conversation about getting women into senior leadership positions was not solely focused on the conventional descriptions of childcare and flexible working. As I

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I don’t have the superpower yet

I was recently talking with colleagues about all things personal and leadership development and the topic of The Imposter Syndrome came up. The Imposter Syndrome – that belief that we don’t really belong in our role, that we don’t have

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Imposter syndrome – how uncertainty can stop you in your tracks

Is uncertainty and Imposter Syndrome getting in the way of you achieving your goals?

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Controlling Imposter syndrome

If you have heard me talk, then you will know that I talk about controlling Imposter Syndrome not eradicating it. This week has shown exactly why that is. When I speak, I speak from a place of knowledge; be it

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